I had an interesting conversation with a native Idahoan who says that IDAHO drivers are the problem, but what do you think? I'll explain their logic... And I'd like to hear yours.

The war against Californians in Idaho is on full display right now with the cost of housing rising, increase in gas prices and number of car accidents, but is it all Californians fault? When my brother in-law was in town for my wedding (he's in the coast guard), he just happened to have a rental car with California plates and was flipped off once and screamed at to "go the ---- home". As a guy from Virginia, he wasn't overly offended by that but it is proof that the frustration is hot at the moment.

Before I moved here, I lived in San Diego for two years, though I fully consider myself to be "from Vegas." I grew up in Vegas, learned how to drive in Vegas, etc, etc. I've lived in Denver and Tampa for short periods of time as well but when I think of where I'm "from", Vegas definitely answers that question. I've been here in Idaho for a little over a year and it's quickly become home; I love the weather, I love my short commute (I'm up and on the road before 5 am so I don't really get in the way of anyone else). I'm a renter so I'm just paying the mortgage of the Idahoan who owns my house so I don't really feel like I've effected the culture or economy of the Treasure Valley in any real way.

I have a buddy who lives in Caldwell who is Caldwell born and raised. A truck drivin', gun totin' real live Idahoan. We became friends not long after I moved here and he's been an incredible resource for me in terms of having someone who truly knows this area to turn to. That said, he illustrated to sides to this debate about Idaho Drivers V California Drivers, and I'll share what he had to say:

Essentially, he points out some of the major flaws of California drivers, noting that their typically a bit more impatient, drive faster, are more rude, but also tend to be a bit more timid when it rains, and especially when it snows. He says where the problem really lies when it rains or snows, is that Idahoans with big trucks and 4 wheel drive tend to get so frustrated with slow drivers, that they just say, "You idiots are so scared of the snow, watch how a real man drives" and end up driving faster and more aggressive than they would when it's not raining or snowing, therefore causing unnecessary accidents.

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Maybe it's the Californians, maybe it's the Idahoans, or maybe, a certain amount of chaos and accidents is perfectly normal when it's wet, snowy or icy in an ever growing community. Regardless, soon it will be springs and the winter driving woes will be woefully behind us.

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