Idaho is a state that is unique in many ways, but one way that might need to change is that Idaho does not exempt breastfeeding from being classified as indecent. 

That's right, Idaho is the last state in the country to protect breastfeeding mothers for exposure to our state's indecency laws.  Now, Representative Paul Amador (R-Coeur d'Alene) has proposed to change that.

The other states in the country (and the District of Columbia) have passed laws to allow women to breastfeed in any place they are legally permitted, and 29 of those states exempt from indecency rules.

This isn't the first time the proposal has been made in Idaho.  In 2003, the same concept was proposed but did not pass in the legislative process.  A measure that was proposed at the same time that would have required Idaho employers to recognize nursing mothers' need for feeding, pumping, or storage, didn't make it to the floor.

The bill has now been introduced and will be discussed and debated.  For more on the background and what the process will look like, check out coverage from the Spokesman-Review.




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