This listener wrote us this morning wanting some answers from you. She thought that the safest bet was leaving her son with her mother. Nothing could go wrong right? WRONG! She is looking for answers.

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I need your advice. My mom and I butt heads a lot and its usually around her trying to tell me how to parent my 8 year old son.
I tend to try and let it go and do my breathing exercises when it comes to this subject but there's one recent instance where I am having a really hard time and don't know how to handle it.
My husband and I had a wedding shower to go to for our good friends in Salt Lake City, and instead of dragging our son along and having him join the other kids in a hotel room with a babysitter, I reluctantly agreed to have my mom watch him for the weekend.
My son was recently diagnosed as lactose intolerant. (A diagnosis that my know it all mother says is ridiculous).
The only rule I left for the weekend was to stay away from any foods that contain lactose.
Late Sunday afternoon we pick him up on our way home and an hour after we got home, he was doubled over in pain...cramps, diarrhea, nausea. I asked him what he had to eat that day and he tells me yogurt, cheese pizza, and ice cream...
When I confronted my mother about it she said that he probably just ate too much and made himself sick. She wont take responsibility for allowing him to eat foods I specifically asked her not to. Whether or not she agrees, he is my son and I feel like she should've honored my request. What do I do??

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