If you are a parent you know the enormous cost of diapers each month. Things can get extremely messy, no pun intended, if you do not have these most important baby garments.During Idaho Give's Day this local "Bank" received something that cash couldn't even come close to. 

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Idaho Gives is a day to give back to the community and choose a non profit if you like and "GIVE" to them. Yesterday the Idaho Diaper Bank received a large sum of donations from the mother of all diaper companies. Huggies. The Diaper giants donated 200,000 infant diapers as well as the adult versions. And that was not the only thing they dropped off. An additional 100,000 are pledge to come to the facility later in the year.

The Idaho Diaper Bank is such an amazing and selfless organizations aimed at helping families who can't always make ends meet. Lower income wages and poverty makes it difficult to buy the packages of must have diapers. I know that when I buy my one year old his I'm throwing down at least 25 bucks for maybe a few weeks worth. It can be insane and very scary to not have these in the home when you must have them. I am so grateful that an organization like Huggies saw the importance of giving back. Job well done, and glad that there is a place like IDB in our City.

If you would even want to volunteer at the Idaho Diaper Bank or are in need of some free diapers follow the link in this story. - JD


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