With all the recent talk of North Korea pointing Nuclear weapons at the U.S. plus all the Russia and U.S.A. fighting going on not the mention the ongoing Zombie threat, it might be time to figure out where the best place to be is if the unthinkable happens. Here's a list of the Idaho cities best able to handle the apocalypse.

Credit: Estately
Credit: Estately









I know we don't like to think about it...but when you hear threats from an ego-maniacal foreign leader about how they are ready to launch a nuclear strike against America, like North Korea did recently, you probably can't help but think about it...even just a little.

Now I'm not running out to my back yard to dig a bomb shelter, but thanks to onlyinyourstate.com, I now know which Idaho cities are best able to handle a nuclear attack...or worse yet...a Zombie attack.

Did you know that we have DNA stored in space, in case we need to start the human race over? How about a seed storage area of every seed in the world to restart our food growing process once we exit a nuclear winter?

Believe it or not, we have a few choices closer to us here in Idaho, including the #1 city on the list....Let's here it for Meridian! I had no idea Meridian was so fully prepared for a zombie attack.

As a matter of fact, according to an article from estately.com, Idaho is one of the best states in the U.S. to handle a zombie attack, with Lewiston being one of the top cities...because of the Snake river that can cut off an invasion and the fact that Lewiston has more gun owners per capita than most any other cities.

If Meridian isn't a place you want to be riding out eternity, then you have options....Either Boise or Mountain Home.. or you could head north and take advantage of all the abandoned mine shafts available to keep you safe from fallout.  Here are some other areas in the Treasure Valley and around the state to get away from pesky zombies...remember Zombies are crappy swimmers.

Check out the full list of cities in Idaho that are best prepared for doomsday below


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