This isn't the first time you more than likely have heard of Idaho Cheer. Last year they traveled to Florida and competed in a nationally televised event and brought home more than just a trophy. Pride! 

Kristin Jones is not only a parent with children involved with Idaho Cheer she is one of the biggest advocates for Cheer in the Treasure Valley. She recently said " We have 7 teams in the gym ages 3-18 years old. These kids are so amazing but most of the Treasure Valley doesn't even know competitive cheer exists!"  These hard-working, amazing kids have done some crazy incredible things.

Credit: heatherhillmanphotography


Champions keep going when they don't have any more in the tank. If you are looking for a great activity for your lil' ones the Idaho Cheer Team is inviting you to an open house night February 24th from 4:30-PM to 9:00 PM.

Our open house night is for those interested in being a part of Idaho Cheer for the 2017-2018 Season.

Here is what the night entails:

* Tour of the gym and Meet the Staff

*Observe a live team practice

* Sit down talk with our staff to discuss creating a game plan to get your athlete started or to the next level- we have multiple teams for all ages and abilities!

* A formal all-star evaluation, looking at tumbling, jumps and motions trying to decide what level your athlete is today and where they can be by May!

* Completely confidential


I'm so thinking I may try and get my son involved, this stuff is amazing. Teaching hard work, dedication, commitment, and teamwork. I love it.

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