My son goes to school in West Ada.  Today, we were out early for a little Donuts With Dad.  It was a great way to start the day and it once again taught me a lesson.

I don't recall my elementary school doing this when I was growing up.  There were other programs for sure, and I had parents that were involved, but as I looked around the gym this morning, it was awesome to see all the dads who were engaging with their kids and getting the tour around the school and playground too.

It struck me when mys on and I did this last year, I don't do enough to connect and reinforce that what happens at school is important.  It's sad it took me until this year to do it, but I'm volunteering in his classroom for their Valentine's Celebration this week.  I hope that will be the first of more times I can do that.

I love that the PTA did something to give us dads a chance to get to the school and help remind us that our kids love when we are in their world.  Even though for a lot of it can be tough to schedule, it's time worth spending.  I want to do better at making it a more frequent thing.