There is no rhyme to the reason of the disaster I created on Friday before leaving my show. I was walking back to the kitchen making a protein shake instead of destroying my life with a Snickers.

I was thinking on the way to serve it up about how I've been so responsible not spilling anything in studio. Why did I have that thought? No frigging idea. I'm an idiot I guess because what do you think happened next?

I place all my stuff at the end in studio away from anything that could ruin a system. I'm just smart like that right? Then I do what I've never done and just praised myself about not doing. I reached over at my Macbook Pro and spilled the protein shake over onto the keyboard. Like it just spilled, sat on my keyboard and then took it's time climbing around inside.

I was so petrified that I would ruin something I froze. It was at the end away and nothing really spilled except inside my damn MAC. I don't know. I turned it over, cleaned it up and everything seemed to be on point. I turned it back on Friday night and nothing. My MAC is dead and just like that I'm lost.

I've had a drive crash without backup before and it was terrible. I keep everything backed up but I just haven't backed this one up in awhile. Note to self and let me put this in special quotations,

BACK UP EVERYTHING EVERYDAY! I keep most things somehow backed up into a cloud but I was even lucky to sign-in to write this. I need help if anyone has a special doctor on computer idiots platform. You can DM me on Instagram.

I'll keep you posted but not like you care. More importantly, backup your files NOW. Never drink by your computer or coffee. Stay away. That's all I've got. I think there is a Mac Life or some store like that I just wasn't trying to pay a million to get my files back.

Send a brother some helping advice if you know somebody. I'd post a photo but was too petrified at the time in full panic mode.

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