Does it seem like we lost a lot of people in 2016.  I know for me personally, I lost more friends and family last year than in any year I can remember...and it hit doubly hard because a lot of the people were only in their 40s...which is much to young to no longer be here.

My wife and I lost two friends to heart attacks and one to cancer this year. All three were younger than I am.  My wife's best friend was only 47.  I will tell you, that will really give you a jolt as you look at your own mortality. And a lot of the celebrities we lost this year were young, especially in music...Prince and George Michael are just two of the bigger names.

As the year goes by, it's hard to recall some of the big celebrities that we said good bye to during the year. Celebs were hit especially hard in the final two weeks of the year, with the passing of Carrie Fisher, her mom, Debbie Reynolds and George Michael, to name a few. The music industry seemed to be hit especially hard this year with some really big names going to that arena in the sky.

In case you forgot just how many celebs passed away her is a video memorial to those who we said good bye to.


Here's to hoping to a little better 2017

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