I ended up paying $1.09 a gallon yesterday and filled my Chevy Silverado for UNDER $25. Thanks, Albertson's!

When I bought my truck two years ago, I was living in San Diego. I remember a point where I was paying over $4.00 per gallon and nearly $100 to fill up. To add to that I had a 30 mile commute to get to work. Needless to say, my entire paycheck was going to my truck between the gas, the payment and the insurance.

I moved to Idaho to work for Mix 106 a couple of months ago, and immediately I realized we were paying about a dollar less than I was in San Diego, so that was nice. I've also been spending my money on groceries instead of going out to eat since all the restaurants have been closed. I knew that putting my phone in at Albertson's would get me some gas points but I didn't realize I'd be able to save a DOLLAR per gallon at Jackson's!

Yesterday, gas was $2.09 per gallon, and with the dollar off from Albertson's, I ended up paying $1.09 a gallon and filling up for UNDER $25! Thank you, Albertson's!

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