Full disclosure: Dancing is the most anxiety provoking thing I experience in life... Now, there are things that are harder in my life, but there is NOTHING that makes me physically anxious like dancing. And the most important dance of my life is 45 days away.

It's funny cause for a good portion of my life, I've been able to get away with NOT dancing. Working in radio and going to clubs, I always had like a booth, or I was hosting a club. Yes, much more comfortable on a microphone from the dj booth or a stage.

Dancing... Even if it's just a simple two-step thing in a club, gives me so much anxiety... I mean, red face, dry mouth, stomach churning, the works! I don't even entirely understand dancing, like, why? Usually at weddings there is some sort of dancing that's expected and I HATE it. I feel like I HAVE to get a good buzz going to dance, which is probably not that healthy.

In 45 days, I have the most important dance of my life... That's right, I'm getting married. We have a "first dance", which we will do in front of 125 of our closest friends and family. I AM TERRIFIED of this prospect, but it's a must.

Tonight, my fiance Stacy and I will start a 5 week dance class that will hopefully get us prepared for the wedding. I worry though, that even if I do learn some dance "skill", that the anxiety part of it will never go away.

Is this cause I'm a guy? Why is this so excruciatingly painful and awkward for me? Will this 5 week dance class turn me into a confident, dancin' fool? We shall see!

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