It's absolutely amazing to me how the brain and eyes work......and how they work together.  It's fascinating to me to know that you can show the negative picture of  someone like this, and even though you are looking at it, you can't tell who it is....but if you do one little thing, you're brain fills in the blank....and your brain can then ascertain who is pictured in the photo.  After trying it read below to see if you were correct...(hint, she starred in The Fast and the Furious 6)

Did it work for you?  It did for me.....after staring intently at the negative for 15 seconds and then looking at the blank white space I could clearly make out the features of the woman in the picture.  The picture is of actress and fitness model Gina Carano.  You might know her best, from Paul Walker's final movie Fast and the Furious 6 which came out last year.  Our brain is a pretty amazing piece of technology, don't you agree?

Getty Images