It's a family tradition in the Kasper house started about 6 or 7 years ago...the Thanksgiving drunken Breakfast buffet. One part of that tradition is the Bacon Bloody's like a bloody Mary only way better because it includes candied bacon... here's a demonstration on how to put it together.

Our family is made up of blended families, and now as the kids get laws are added into that, so it's always really difficult to get everyone together at one house for Thanksgiving dinner, so about 6 or 7 years ago we started a new family tradition that would allow for all the family to meet at our house for breakfast before they went on their way for the rest of their Thanksgiving at different houses....We also invite a bunch of friends...because let's face doesn't want you in the way of her making Thanksgiving dinner anyway, so this is a great excuse to get out of the house for a while in the morning.

In addition to serving breakfast...(Last year, it was home made German sausage (My Families Recipe)....quiche' and monkey bread.  I also serve Mimosas and my own special version of a bacon bloody Mary, that I call the Bloody Mikey

The night before I start with bacon, baked in the oven with brown sugar generously sprinkled over the top. As the bacon cooks the brown sugar bakes into the bacon and candies it.  Afterwards, when it's cooled, place all your bacon in the refrigerator or freezer over night.  That will make it stiff, so you can  place into your bloody Mary the next day.

The other thing to buy is Bacon Vodka, trust me the only time that Bacon vodka tastes good is in this can also buy bacon Bloody Mary mix too, but that is not required, I just love bacon that much.

You will also need a salad bar to put into your Bloody Mikey...I like celery sticks, pickled asparagus, picked beans, baby banquet dill pickles, blue cheese stuffed olives, cheese cubes and anything else you can think can ad what ever veggies you want to your Bloody Mikey, dependent on what you like....but this is usually my only serving of vegetables I get on Thanksgiving so I go nuts.

There you go, my secret Bloody Mikey recipe, hope you enjoy...If you decide to try it, I'd love to hear from you about how you liked it.

The Bloody Mikey, putting the ho-ho-ho into your holidays...

Happy Holidays



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