To walk them on the pavement, or to leave them for any length of time in the backyard. I feel like in the old days, dogs just lived outside but now my dogs are ready to come back in after about five minutes.

I grew up in Vegas and was always very aware that walking on sidewalks and pavement as a dog had to be pretty brutal in the heat of the summer, especially when it was 116 degrees, but what about the backyard, In Idaho, when there's grass? Do you leave your dogs out all day? Or bring them in after a few?

Saturday it's supposed to reach 100 degrees in the Treasure Valley and I want to make sure my dogs are good to go. It can get hot out there pretty quick, and water bowls can even get hot when there is direct sunlight on them. Also, the pads of dogs feet, from my understanding can be pretty soft and it could hurt them pretty bad to touch the pavement.

Is there even such a thing as outdoor dogs anymore?

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