Actually, I'm not worried about telling my dog he's fat, I'm more worried about how I'm going to help him slim down. Let me introduce you to Toby...

This guy is about 12-13 years old (not entirely sure cause he was a rescue), he's arthritic and walks but stumbles quite a bit. My dogs have always been grazers so I can't just put the food down and expect them to eat real quick and monitor their intake. My other guy is younger and active and eating the appropriate amount.

We've tried feeding them separately, with different food, and they just want each other's food and whine until they can get it. We do take light walks around our neighborhood in Meridian, but they're pretty short cause he's slowed down quite a bit in his old age.

This guy (a dachshund) is constantly eating, and he's even got a patch of hair missing on his belly cause it's dragging on the ground. So what tricks have you done to curb your old chubby dog's appetite, without also taking away from a younger dog that always needs it?

Any suggestions from fellow dog lovers would be great! Here's a better picture of him:


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