In 2019 a travel site ranked Idaho as the 28th sexiest state in the country along with this hardly clever quip: "With an official nickname of the Gem State, Idaho isn’t actually home to many precious hotties." Ok, it made me laugh a little bit because I love bad puns. But that can't possibly be true. Certainly there's been a shift in number since then because I look around and see a number of hotties when I'm out and about.

But I guess that might be because I live here. Does the outside world know that Idaho is just as sexy as any other state?! I mean, based on beards alone, Idaho is thriving in sexy! If Idaho weren't sexy would two of the hottest stars in the history  have starred in a movie called My Private Idaho? Keanu Reeves is still gloriously handsome (a full on Zaddy), and River Phoenix (may he rest in peace) was THE teen heartthrob. Idaho is synonymous with sexy as far as I'm concerned. And now Jason Mamoa is keeping that narrative going.

He stars in the much anticipated film, Dune, as Duncan Idaho. Yes, technically his character has nothing to do with the state of Idaho. But consider this. Duncan is a lame name on its own. The addition of "Idaho" transforms it. As one twitter user states it, "[Duncan Idaho] remains the best sci fi character name in existence and I will tolerate no disagreement on this fact." (@marcrofluidics)

Another use notes, "reminder that in the books Duncan Idaho is so hot they keep cloning him to come up with the perfect sex witch." (@jacobtwop). A character so sexy that it was imperative to add "Idaho" to his name. They could have chosen any other state, but they didn't.

For comparison, The Office had a character called Robert California. Was he sexy? No. He was cool in a The Office type way. Funny and mysterious in some ways. But not sexy.

And Jason Mamoa remains one of the sexiest men alive. Ever. Since he came on the scene in 2011 playing Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones he has made anyone attracted to men swoon. And he is sooo Idaho. He loves hunting, fishing, ax throwing, camping. Him playing Duncan Idaho forever makes Idaho synonymous with sexy. It is decided.

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