Idaho is known for some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world. And that’s especially true when talking about Idaho’s back country and especially in the winter time, but the scenic beauty caught on film from this group of skiers in the back country around Stanley is ridonkulous (as in these donkeys are ridiculous)


I like to call myself a skier, even though it’s been years since I’ve strapped on a couple of sticks and flung myself headlong down a steep incline.  I realized I could only afford to do one expensive hobby and I chose golf, because I could do it for longer periods of time during the year....oh yeah, there is way less of a chance that I’ll kill myself on a golf course.

I ran across this movie on YouTube over the weekend that was filmed on the tallest peaks near Stanley, Idaho that shows a group of people who decided to warm up for a trip to Alaska by skiing the Mountain ranges in and around Stanley. Yes you read right…they warmed up for a trip to ski mountain ranges in Alaska with these frightening ski runs.

Keep in mind that these are no ordinary people when it comes to skiing. Sam Cohen, McKenna Peterson, Corey and Taylor Felton are all pros.

The movie is called “All In” and starts in Idaho, but also includes some amazing footage in Alaska…that is after they first warmed up in the mountains around Stanley.

....and once they warmed up on the appatizer that is Idaho's mountain was what it looked like to ski the entre' in the Alaska Chilkat Mountain Range

hmmmm..can't wait for golf season to start.




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