Maybe I'm the only one who struggles with the correct amount to tip. I was a busser at Olive Garden and a server at Red Lobster prior to the radio.

I think I'm a good tipper but some things I didn't even know you tipped for. So, how does that change around the holidays? Well, I have your 2020 version of who you should be tipping and by how much.

2020 has definitely changed the game when it comes to donating and tipping. You get asked checking out in front of customers if you want to donate to the children's fund. What are you going to say no? The truth is you already give at the gas station, grocery store and then you have tipping in a Doordash world. That just means you're ordering more during a pandemic and that means more tips.

This year you might want to look at this as gifts or tips. It's the holiday and this is a little stepping your tipping skills to another level if you didn't already know. Let's get to it.

Think about how you tip or gift depending on your relationship with that person. I'm going to give you some really good examples following by a link to the complete list.

  • Babysitter - Average pay that includes a small gift from your kids.
  • Barber - Cost of 1 session.
  • Bartender - $20-$40 for someone you see all the time.
  • Cleaning company - Regular pay that includes a small gift.
  • Coffee Shop Barista - $20 for your regular Barista.
  • Day Care Staff - Small gifts from your kids in the $10-$30 range.
  • Dry Cleaner - $10-$20 gift card or homemade goods.
  • Fitness Instructor - Cost of 1 session including small gift.
  • Gas Station Attendant - $10-$20 for someone you see regurly.
  • Hairdresser or Colorist - Cost of one session.
  • Housekeeper - Cost of 1 session or a small gift.
  • Kennel Staff - Handmade or baked goods.
  • Kids' activities instructor - Gifts from your kids.
  • Massage Therapist - Cost of 1 session.
  • Nail Salon - Cost of 1 session.
  • Nursing Home or Assisted Living Community Staff - Homemade gift.
  • Personal Trainer - Cost of 1 session.
  • Pet Sitter - $20-$50
  • Physical Therapist - Don't tip.
  • Postal Worker - Food like baked goods or something less than $20.
  • Teacher - Small gift from your kids or this year maybe it's a bit larger if you can afford it.
  • Waiter/Waitress - $20-$40 for someone you regularly see.

Find the full list below including more.


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