Before the Mix106 12 Days of ChristMIX Toy Drive my knowledge of the Idaho Office for Refugees was limited. I knew as much as their website details as their mission: ​"The Idaho Office for Refugees strives to ease the transition for those seeking refuge in the United States by providing education, connection, and space for growth." And we were happy to have them as part of the wonderful organizations that would be on the receiving end of Toy Drive.

As our promotions director was connecting all the dots to make things happen, she clued me in on one of the coolest things I've heard. Every month IOR offers Cross Culinary Kits & Classes. It was through this service that she learned how to make Kenyan Tandoori Chicken. So what exactly is this service, and how does it work?

The website explains: "Once a month, residents of the Treasure Valley can order a recipe kit with the dry and garden ingredients needed to make a dish inspired by a local chef from around the world (we'll ask you to provide the perishables and a few staple items!). In addition to the kit, you can then go online for a live, interactive cooking class with the chef, where you can learn the skills to make the dish as well as the history and culture surrounding it. The goal of this program is to build bridges across our community, so please invite friends and family to sign up with you!"
(Click here for the full FAQ.)

These are coveted classes, so you need to act fast when a new one is announced.  December's meal is Arepas with Pollo Guisado, Tajadas Venezolanas. Despite having added a second class this month, this Venezuelan experience is sold out! Now we all have to wait for whatever January has in store, which I'm sure will be delicious but has yet to be announced. February promises Chinese cooking, so mark that down if you're a fanatic for Chinese food like I am.
This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to expand their culinary horizons, especially if you're not particularly inventive in the kitchen. I use the same 8 spices in different combinations to make everything I know. Time to mix it up! Will you be checking this out?

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