Last week I started sharing some of my family recipes. This weekend I have two & the first one is the most important part of Thanksgiving (if you eat meat), the Turkey!

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So here is my Grandma's Recipe on how to Smoke A Turkey.


1 cup Morton Tender Quick

2 (3.5 fl. oz.) bottles of Liquid Smoke

1/4 cup Rock Salt

1 gallon water

And of course 12-14 pound Turkey


Put Morton Tender Quick, Liquid Smoke, Rock Salt & water into five gallon plastic bucket or galvanized kettle. Poke holes in the heaviest/thickest part of the Turkey, then place in bucket or kettle with ingredients. Let soak for twenty-four hours then turn Turkey over, let soak for another twenty-four hours.

Pre-heat the oven to 200-225. While oven is heating drain the Turkey, make sure it's drained well before putting the Turkey in the oven.

Cook Turkey breasts up on broiler pan in oven (NOT COVERED) for ten - twelve hours or until tender & will pull apart easily. Juices will run clear not bloody when Turkey is done.

And enjoy!