I almost went live to showcase my battle between siblings today. I was on the phone with an account executive and my daughter was screaming in cycles. That was followed by my son screaming back and then an obvious, "Can I call you right back?"

My wife is pregnant with number three and all this fighting doesn't help the situation. I don't blame the kids because they are the best. It's just the pandemic backlash of being trapped inside so much. I'm sure I'm not alone and this is where I reach out for help.

My son just turned 6 years old and my daughter is a sassy 2-year-old. My wife's parents have their vaccines and everyone is leaving town for the country. This is going to change everything and it's my job to help come up with a plan by the time they get back.

I need to find things around the Treasure Valley and beyond that are safe, fun for the kids, and good for my expecting wife. This would be easier during normal times, but this anything but that. I will be posting different things to do for your families that might be suffering from the same situations. This could be very unsafe for your family if you don't pay close attention. I need to find options for my family until this pandemic gets under control.

Send me a DM on Instagram/Facebook if you do things with your family that should be shared. You can also send me an email at kekeluv@gmail.com.

I'm navigating this like everyone else and it's most important as parents we come up with solutions. I need to do better there. I'm just a father trying to make everyone happy in a very difficult time. Luckily, we live in Idaho where the outdoors is our escape. Come back each day and I'll post up a family outlet for smiles.


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