When writing this headline I began to wonder, "Can Eagle Road get anymore congested?" Can the Eagle road commute stress out Idahoans anymore than it already does? It's like an endless trap and there is no way around bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Well, dig up your stress ball someone gave you at the virtual Christmas party and velcro it to your dashboard. The intersection of Eagle Road and Amity will be closed for most of Summer. Surprise!

I'm thankful to know because it becomes a mess when you're finding out for the first time. I live in the Lake Hazel and 5 Mile area where construction has been all over the place. There is nothing worse approaching a closed road sign with detour signs all over the place, it's like an endless loop of stress.

This is a roundabout which leads me to believe that all four roads leading into this area will be closed. That could be four different detour routes to really add for excitement. This comes from ACHD Idaho's website.

  • The intersection will have a hard closure, meaning no cars will be allowed to pass.
  • Detour routes for all thru traffic are Victory Road and Lake Hazel Road for east/west travel. Locust Grove Road and Cloverdale Road for north/south travel.
  • Please don't transit to these areas if you're not living there. This only adds to traffic and confusion.

I'm posting up a map of the impacted areas and remember this goes through the first week of August. Keep checking back and download the Mix App if you don't already have that on your phone. We constantly update the traffic alerts.

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