Many Americans will be hitting the road this weekend including myself. I am off to northern Idaho.

I love spending time in CDA, the lake and the the scenery is really great. I will also be in Spokane a bit as well. I will be arriving in Spokane on Friday and have a few things to do. In years past I know the they have a big Clambake and BBQ on the beach of the lake.

I will be hanging out in Spokane then up north of Coeur D'alene in the mountains. A lot of people will be camping and so it's not always fun to try to find a camping spot. I may try to stop for some sushi but that is depending on if I have time. There are a few good sushi places in Spokane that get some fresh fish. 


Even if I don't eat sushi I will be hopefully catching fish. Excited to see the lake and be on the river in the mountains.

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