It was moving weekend for me and most of the big and important stuff is done and has made it to the new place.  The only thing missing so far?  My energy. 

No one wants to admit they're getting older, but we are, and there are those tell-tale signs that seem to pop up now and then that seem to make it undeniable.

What I'm noticing most is that I'm running on about a 48-hour hangover.  I jumped into action on my move Friday night after picking up a rental van and started doing trips back-and-forth across the 4-mile route all weekend.

I woke up early (around 5 a.m.) both Saturday and Sunday and ran into the office, and then got back to the business of moving.

I noticed Sunday morning that I was feeling a little bit stiff as I carried more furniture and jumped in and out of the uHaul truck, but overall, I was feeling like I was doing pretty well.

That changed by last night.  I was thinking I was going to do "a couple last runs" of the day around 8 p.m., but like a sudden change in the weather, a wave of exhaustion hit me hard.  I decided to get my work done and call it a night.

I went to bed and woke up this morning achy, exhausted, and over this whole moving thing.

It used to be that one good night of sleep was a reset.  In fact, in college, I often didn't start my 7-8 page papers until 4 a.m. the morning they were due.  That time has passed.  I can't bounce back that quickly anymore.

I'm wishing I could extend the weekend one more day.  To nap.  Nothing else.

Geez, that sounds old.

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