No, it's not JUST a water park... When you look back at Roaring Springs' origin, it's considered a miracle! I'll explain...

Look, I know what you're thinking... Waterparks are a dime a dozen. "Sure, it's great that we have one here, it keeps the kids occupied in the summer time." But did you know Meridian's Roaring Springs water park is actually considered a "miracle" by the people who built it? Let's introduce you to a company called "McAlvain": They're a contracting company here in the Treasure Valley known for building some of the most iconic buildings around; like the Grove Hotel and nearly a dozen other projects on Front Street on Downtown Boise.

Well, they also built Roaring Springs Water Park in Meridian, and quite honestly, it's a miracle that they did! Roaring Springs opened back in the summer of 1999 (over 20 years ago!) with only five months notice! That's right, known as "McAlvain's Miracle", they took this project on and constructed a whole water park in just five months and had it ready just in time for the big opening day celebrations. According to the Team McAlvain Instagram account: "Did you know McAlvain constructed the Roaring Springs Water Park in Meridian? It was hailed as ""McAlvain's Miracle"" being constructed in only 5 months and ready just in time for the opening day celebration. #TeamMcAlvain"

What an impressive feat! And what a cool company to spotlight as they've had such a huge impact on this ever growing valley that we call home! Congrats on all the success, McAlvain!

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