Like Zayn says in his song with Taylor Swift for The 50 Shades movie... I hope to see 100, if I can do it without being in intense pain, and if I can do it without dealing with dementia. But... To live forever?

There was this study that said, in essence, 1 in 6 British people would live forever if they could. Now, I pride myself in being an optimist, and I hope to live a long, healthy life, but not forever, not even if the technology was able to make be a 25 year old marathon runner forever.

It's funny because I'm at a pretty exciting point in my life... About to get married in a few months and eager to start a family and all that but the thought of FOREVER seems insane. I would love to see what kind of technology we have in a hundred or two hundred years... And what if we have to leave earth? I don't want to miss out on Mars!

Y'know what, I change my tune. Let's do it... Guarantee my mental and physical health and sign me up for forever. I'M GOING TO SPACE!



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