For most kids going back to school is difficult, for months they have been able to stay up a little later and it wasn't such a big deal to wake up early. With most kids in the Treasure Valley going back to school next week we want to see a video of you waking your kids up to go back to school and we will reward you with a SEASON PASS to Roaring Springs. If you send us a video either through the Mix 106 App

Charene Herrera TSM

OR through the entry form below you have a chance to a season pass ( good for remainder of this year and next!) to enjoy one of the best water parks in the country, Roaring Springs! We aren't asking you to be mean or loud when waking your kids up because we are sure they are already going to be a little on edge getting back into the normal routine. But we would love to see and hear what your kids say when you first wake them up to go back to school. If it takes multiple trips to wake them up feel free to send multiple videos. We will be announcing the winner soon after school is back in session so don't wait to send in the videos. Please know that by submitting a video you're giving us permission to use this both on the radio and publishing a compilation video. Last day to enter is Sunday, August 26th. Billy and Charene will announce our winner on Tuesday, August 28th.