5 Books You Should Read with Your Kids
Some of my most treasured times with my children is reading with them. We've done a lot more of that during the pandemic and I love it. Reading has always been a big part of my life and reading with my Mom is my favorite memory from my childhood.
Kids Who Grow Up Around Books Have An Advantage
If you haven't been to the Boise Public Library lately, here's some incentive to head that way. There's a big advantage to growing up around books, and it sticks with us for life. But is it the tangible copies or the digital ones?
Top Summer Books To Get Your Reading On
There's nothing better than sitting at the pool or on the patio on a nice summer day with a ice cold beverage and a great book in hand.
I actually enjoy the real deal books as opposed to the Kindle or Tablet option. There is something satisfying about the actual ink and paper, and turning the pa…

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