Medical professionals warn us that trying to play internet doctor can do more harm than good, but face it, most of us do it.  So, what do you think Idaho's most Googled medical issue is? 

If you guessed E. Coli symptopms, you are correct.

That's unusually when compared with other states in the country, but the article from points out that it makes sense being that we in the Gem State dealt with higher-than-normal levels of E. Coli over the past year.

Other results across the countried varied, though there was a theme that centered around cold and flu issues.  That makes sense since we will, on average, deal with two to three colds per year, and with all the discussions around flu vaccination.

Stress was another frequent search showing up in on-fifth of states.  It's a serious health problem, and experts have warned of severe health implications, so it's not a big surprise it showed up as often as it did.

The article cites "money, work, the current political climate, the future of the nation, and violence and crime" as the top five causes of our stress.

Our neighboring states had a variety of searches, with Washington looking at stomach aches, Oregon stress, Montana irritatbility, Wyoming and Nevada both stomach issues, and Utah morning sickness.

Other searches that stood out most:

  • California: Sweaty Palms
  • Indiana: Uncircumcised Problems
  • Michigan: Light Colored Poop
  • Mississippi: Gas
  • New Mexico: Phlegm (though spelled flem)
  • Nebraska: Signs of Low Testosterone
  • Ohio: Paleness

You can see the entire article HERE and the map of all states and their searches HERE.




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