When you mention great wine making regions, most people will think France or maybe the Napa Valley or even Washington State...but the Sunnyslope wine region here in the Treasure Valley is really starting to get noticed..and it's right here in our back yard.


Idaho wines are one of the nations best kept secrets. With over 50 wineries and 1,600+ acres of vineyards, Idaho’s wine industry is booming; and according to many critics, while the wine may be under-appreciated, the product that local winemakers are putting out is very different from other Pacific Northwest wine regions, but it’s every bit as good or better.

My wife loves wines, especially reds. She loves wine so much that last Christmas I bought her a subscription to a Wine of The Month club.  She gets two new bottles of wine from around the world delivered to her door.  As good as these wines have been, she already knows the secret to the Sunnyslope wine region...and that is that they are very good. Plus she just read an article that if you drink a glass of red wine before bed, it will help you lose weight...I don't like red wine a whole lot, but if it's going to help me drop a few pounds, I'm all for it...and if one glass is good, a whole bottle must be great right?  So I've been drinking a bottle a night...not sure if I'm losing any weight, but I have never slept better...

Although wine districts are scattered across the state, most of Idaho’s wineries and grapes are located here in the Snake River Valley.

This area is home to Idaho’s most popular wine district: the Sunnyslope Wine Trail. Containing 14 wineries and vineyards, the Sunnyslope wine trail is a short drive from Boise (about 35 minutes), and if you love wine and wine tasting, it’s definitely worth spending a few hours…or even a few days to visit.

Sip and taste your way through Sunnyslope with the Idaho Wine guide: