It is one of those weekends in the Treasure Valley, warm and pretty sunny making for some water adventures.

Now it wasn't as sunny as it could have been but it will be all summer so I am not worried but it was warm so being on the water or in felt nice. A few clouds actually helped people from getting too crispy but at the same time in the 80's means a nice dip can help and cool you off, making it enjoyable.

Although there were no fish in my day, well none that I caught, it was still awesome to be out! The NRS Giga-bob that I borrowed from my friend is so awesome and I want one. It's easy to tool around the ponds here in the TV and also hit rivers if you know what you are doing. It takes a little to get blown up but otherwise is pretty easy to get together. They stopped making this particular model but do have another one that is more cost efficient.

More time on the water in my future is a must.


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