Mask up Idaho because we're headed back to Stage 2 according to the recent press conference from Governor Brad Little.

We have seen a massive spike across the country and those numbers locally are scary. I thought we might be going to a mask mandate but that doesn't seem to be the case right now.

Gov. Little has signed an executive order to do a few things.

  1. Activating the Idaho National Guard to assist in potential problems that arise as cases spike.
  2. Rolling back to Stage 2 of Rebound Idaho. There will be modifications that will be posted today on - You will still be able to visit bars/restaurants but everyone has to be seated. The only activity must be walking and leaving.
  3. Masks, masks, masks - I'm very surprised he didn't make this a mandate but it was an imperative message. Wear your masks when around anyone but who is in the household.

We've just seen other states surrounding us like Utah making mandates on masks and California asking you to quarantine for 14-days if you enter the state.

Should you panic? No. You can't fix this. Wear a mask. Oh, wear a mask. Just be safe and limit what you do. I'm ordering stuff and trying to be as safe as possible mainly due to my kids. I was just listening to some people who don't know anyone with the coronavirus. I do. Several people are struggling and some with post-heart problems. I also know someone who said it was terrible and bounced back. I personally can't take that chance with family.

Wear a mask. Follow the link below and Gov. Little will update the Phase 2 with new modifications.

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