Thanks to some fans on Reddit, it's been discovered that the same mansion that is home to almost every season of The Bachelor and Bachelorette is available to rent on Airbnb! It's not cheap though but then again - it's "The Mansion." For $5,999 a night, you can stay at one of the most popular homes on television.

Villa de la Vina is the official name of "The Mansion." It sits on a 10 acres situated within the Santa Monica Mountains of Malibu. You can easily recognize the pool and jacuzzies from the show, along with the romantic archways. There are 7 bedrooms and 8 baths and can sleep 13 guests if needed. This place is undeniably gorgeous on TV, I can only imagine it's beauty in person.

The Villa de la Vina does have some pretty strict house rules. There are absolutely no parties allowed to be had. Filming, professional photography or gatherings of any sort are also a big no-no. If this rule is broken, the homeowners state that the offenders will be shut down immediately and the police will even be called for trespassing! If there is anyone who is not originally communicated to be on then the property, they are subject to fines. Talk about an exclusive stay.

Now that it's been discovered by the rest of the internet that you can causally rent this place out, expect dates to fill up quick. I'd have way too much fun staying here. You know I'd have to live out a dream and pretend that I am the bachelorette for a night.

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