No questions asked. Just a free Thanksgiving dinner from noon to five on Thanksgiving Day. Look, it's been a tough year. Some will simply have a lonely Thanksgiving and some my be incredibly stressed as to how they're going to feed their family on the big food holiday. Holy Cow Idaho in Nampa is handing out free Thanksgiving dinners, no questions asked, while supplies last.

One of the first things I learned when I came to the Treasure Valley is that the people are generally very kind and warm hearted. Here's a restaurant in Nampa that is giving away Thanksgiving dinner, no questions asked. Think about that... They're literally feeding people, getting nothing in return and it'll probably cost them quite a bit but when you're a business who loves the community that supports you, sometimes you take a hit. And in this chaos that is 2020 as people have lost their jobs, have lost loved ones and in some cases, just aren't even thinking about Thanksgiving, it's nice to know that your community has your back.

I've never been to Holy Cow Idaho but man do I support them now. Their Facebook post simply states:

"For anyone that can use a hot meal on Thanksgiving our family is here to feed you and yours. We will giving away traditional Thanksgiving meals to go from noon to 5pm on Thanksgiving. No questions asked. We ❤️ you Idaho. Please feel free to spread the word."

This is a restaurant that is going above and beyond and I feel deserves my business so next time I'm Nampa, I'm headed your way, Holy Cow.

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