I was in my attic this weekend and saw one of an old artificial tree stowed away. I was thinking of someone who could use a tree, especially during our tight accounts right now in 2020.

Most of my friends and family like to get a new tree. It's holiday spirit, the smell and the poking pieces of the tree falling off that remind me of Christmas. Then I came across tree bugs hatching eggs in the news. So, here I am saving your sanity as you make the decision on what to purchase.

According to a New Jersey agricultural expert, there is a tree-killing insect called a spotted lanternfly. This insect infiltrated its way from eastern Asia to Pennsylvania. They had to quarantine 26 counties 6 years ago and has since made its way around the country. The Idaho Statesman reported on this exact species in early October right around the corner in Oregon. This nursery in the Corvallis area found a dead female specimen. That report was just a month ago Idaho.

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Travel for Thanksgiving looks like it's going to be light this coronavirus invested season. Every report that you see whether it's local or national is telling the public to stay home. Don't visit an entire family in another state, contract the virus and bring it back to Boise. So, you might have that itch to do something different and go out to get a nice real tree. Just be careful of what's on that tree because you don't want these insect hatching insects all over your tree, in the carpet, on your pets, in your bed and you get the point.

I'm just a radio personality but that's all I needed to hear. I remember one night thinking a spider when down my throat while trying to crawl out when I was swallowing. Yes, that's real. I'm petrified people.

Keep an eye out. Good luck. 2020 is almost over.

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