Coronavirus cases continue to spike nationally, Governor Little will speaks to the state in a press conference regarding COVID-19 and we're seeing businesses plea with customers to wear masks.

Costco has been aggressive on the mask situation and continues to update entry rules. This latest news isn't just for Boise stores but all Costcos across the country.

The number of cases has spiked from 100 on September 7 to 1,693 on November 11. That's just in one day and things are escalating all around us. Utah just put out a statewide mask mandate as their daily new case numbers hit 3,919 according to Gov. Gary Herbert. We find out what the plan is on Friday for Idaho during Gov. Little's press conference but Costco isn't taking any chances. They were one of the first businesses to social distance and requiring most to wear masks.

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Costco just updated its current rules on masks. Everyone must wear a mask and that includes customers with health precautions. This will begin on Monday, Nov. 16, requiring everyone to include staff to wear masks. Children under the age of 2 will not be asked to mask.

Craig Jelinek, President, and CEO had this to say,

Effective Nov. 16, 2020, we will require all members, guests, and employees to wear a face mask or face shield at Costco locations. Entry to Costco will only be granted to those wearing a face mask or face shield. Children under the age of 2 are exempt...members who could not wear a mask due to a medical condition were exempt. This is no longer the case. If a member has a medical condition that prevents them from wearing a mask, they must wear a face shield at Costco.

I watched Costco staffers passing out masks at the entry for the first time. I'm not sure if this will be typical but expect to be denied access without a mask.

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