I get so sick of cooking sometimes. This week it's just my "Secret Boyfriend" and me at home, so we decided to take advantage of the meal boxes that area caterers are putting together since the pandemic. Here's your options if you want to do the same. 

3 Girls Catering: They offer boxed lunches that you can pic up or have delivered. Lots of yummy sandwiches with salad, chips, or fingerling potatoes. Here's the menu.


Open Table Boise: They do at home delivery boxes with yummy offerings like beef and broccoli, asian chopped salad, and honey mustard chicken. You do have to place the order well ahead of time, but they lay things out very simply on their instagram page.


Wild Plum Events: They will deliver the yummiest snack boxes and their grazing table look to die for. This is a great thing to order if you are back in the office, because there is a 10 person minimum for orders.


Horsewood Catering: They have some really fun to-go offerings like a T.V. dinner nacho kit for 4 and big kid mason jar ramen that is a far cry from what you get in those 10 cent packages.


If you are sick of the typical take-out and you aren't quite ready to dine-in yet, you may want to try some of these local offerings. They look really good.

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