Maybe you asking yourself what is a goathead? Well read more to find out, and learn  about scoring food/drink in exchange for turning in this pesky weed.

The goathead weed is an enemy of the bicyclist and dog owners as they get stuck in tires and paws easily. It sprawls out and has thorns, and spread everywhere.

Idaho botanical Garden did a great write up by Daniel Murphy, Collections Curator. He wrote:

 Puncture vine, also known as goathead or Tribulus terrestris, is a warm season annual that is native to the Mediterranean region of southern Europe. It was introduced to North America unintentionally by early European settlers when the plant’s blasted burs snuck their way across the ocean in sheep wool. Since then, puncture vine has spread across the continent prolifically thanks to the hitchhiking prowess of its seeds.

So how do you score the food or drink? You collect goatheads for rewards, and then you can drop them off at the North End Organic Nursery until July 31.

"For every thirty pounds you pull, you get either a beverage token or an ice cream token to use at Boise Goathead Fest so usually beer or ice cream depending on what your age is," said Jimmy Hallyburton, co-founder of Boise Goathead Fest in article on KTVB.

They gave a tip of recommending "dropping them off while they're fresh because they weigh more.". 

Boise Goathead Festival is August 2nd and 3rd at Cecil D Andrus Park.

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