Monday morning began the next phase of COVID-19 vaccine rollout. Starting at 8:00 am, those over the age of 65 could start booking their vaccine appointments. However in less than an hour all of those appointment slots were booked at both St. Luke's and Saint Alphonsus hospitals.

Anita Kissée, St. Luke's public relations manager, shared on Twitter that St Luke's recently learned that the hospital's vaccine allocations would not match their original projections. To ensure that the hospital would not have to cancel any patients, they had to recalculate the number of appointments that they could "confidently provide."  Apparently that number was cut off shortly after appointments opened up this morning as Kissée's first announcement was posted on Twitter at 8:08 am.

St. Alphonsus is also reporting on their website that there are no more appointments left and are encouraging patients to check back again later. Kissée is also advising St. Luke's patients to do the same. "With the unpredictable supply at this time, St. Luke's will continue to work diligently to only open appointments based on the amount of vaccine it receives. That is why patients are encouraged to check back often if they do not immediately get an appointment right away."

Patients are also being advised to NOT call the hospitals or clinics in an attempt to get a vaccination appointment. The phone lines need to remain open for those who need care today. Walk-ins will not be able to be accommodated either. MyChart is being suggested as the best way to find out when those appointments will open up again.

For more information on myChart and the most recent updates on vaccine appointments visit

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