We didn't make the top 25 most "fun" states, and it might shock you to see the list. There's an unfair disadvantage cause one of the big criteria is impossible here!

Wallethub ranked all 50 states from "most fun" to least fun and the criteria is pretty interesting. Okay, we could use some more amusement parks, and one day, who knows, maybe the biggest rollercoaster in the world will live in Kuna? Anything's possible... Or is it? One of the other big criteria is "quality of the beaches". Look, I know some lakes have beaches but if we have to compete with California and Florida for high quality beaches, we'll never get there! Therefor, Idaho ranked 27th out of 50 and I thinks that's sort of unfair. Some of the other criteria include weather, number of attractions, fairs, state parks, scenery, restaurants and bars.

California was ranked as the number one "most fun" state with Florida and Nevada taking 2nd and 3rd. Rounding out the top 10 are New York, Illinois, Colorado, Washington, Texas, Minnesota and Pennsylvania. Ok, so maybe we didn't end up in the top half but we didn't end up in the bottom ten. The LEAST FUN state in the union? Well, that honor belongs to our friends in West Virginia *cancels trip* who ranked last in almost every category. Yikes! Mississippi, Delaware and Arkansas are states you don't have to worry about catching FOMO if you don't visit any time either cause they're hangin' towards the bottom of the list as well. Now, if we can get Disneyland Idaho and an earthquake that creates beachfront property in Nampa, we will be the most fun state... EVER!

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