After an unimaginable tragedy, now the family can't access funds they desperately need to bury their young family of four killed in a crash on Thanksgiving day.

The Dean family had been visiting relatives in Caldwell before the fatal crash in Montana.

Anthony Dean, his wife Chelsi, and their two daughters, 5-year-old Kaytlin and 20-month-old Avri were all killed in the crash, but the controversy with the Go Fund Me page has to do with Anthony being an Air Force Sergeant.

After several people donated to the families Go Fund Me page to help cover funeral expenses, in came complaints about the fact that the military will pay for Anthony's funeral. Several people have commented that it is Go Fund Me's policy to lock an account if complaints about a page are received. This does not mean the funds can't be unlocked.

What the family claims is that the military will not pay for the burials of Chelsi, Kaytlin, and Avri and they want to bury the family together.

The family told that even if the military were to pay for the other funerals the money would go to good use. Chelsi's Mom says "whatever is left after we pay from it we are going to go to the Caldwell High School and have them set up a scholarship in the name of the family with the rest of the money. None of us are keeping it" she says.

L.d. Webb, Anthony's Mom commented on the Go Fund Me page saying this,

I am Anthony's mom and want to clear up a few things about this GoFundMe business. First of all, in the beginning I didn't know anything about it, which is what I told people. I also said that the Air Force is covering the cost to transport the kids home and that there is an allotment for the funeral service. Since we are having the funerals together in one, that allotment will cover a great deal of the expenses for the funeral. In order to keep the kids together, I opted not to use a facility contracted by the Air Force. That means that all expenses have to be paid up front and Air Force will reimburse. The do not reinforce for the cremations of Chelsi and the girls, only Anthony. When I found that out, I talked with Misty, and Chelsi's brother and mom. We decided that we could use the money from the GoFundMe me for the up front costs. When the reimbursement comes, we could use the money to set up a scholarship fund in the names of our loved ones.

The extended family wants Go Fund Me to know their page is not a scam. They say they have more than enough funds, they just need Go Fund Me to unlock the page. It is unclear at this moment if the Go Fund Me account has unlocked the funds to the family or not. We have reached out to Anthony's mother and so far she has been unavailable for comment, but we will keep you updated as this story develops.

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