A mom who was also a Nampa School District employee died last week after a three-week battle with COVID-19.  She had been fully vaccinated for six months.

KTVB said Susan Ward worked at the Family and Community Resource Center for the Nampa School District, and she's being remembered as someone who dedicated her life to helping others.

Ward tested positive for COVID-19 at the end of September and the symptoms started out as a common cold.  Initial tests came back negative, but the symptoms persisted, and after she was tested a second time she got a positive result.  KTVB said the symptoms progressed until she was admitted to Saint Luke's, and passed away there last Thursday.  She had been vaccinated in April.

Organizers of a Go Fund Me set up to help Ward's family said, "When she arrived at the ER, they discovered that not only did she have Covid-19, but her blood pressure was low, her oxygen was around 80% and one of her kidneys had slowly started to stop working. She was immediately admitted to the ICU. After lots of medication and oxygen therapy, they were able to get her more stable."  She made progress battling the virus before things took a turn for the worst, and ultimately claimed her life.  She leaves behind a husband and three kids.

The hospital bills have yet to roll in, and the family isn't sure how much funeral expenses will be, but the GoFund Me will go toward the cost, and if there is anything not used for medical expenses it will be given to the Family and Community Resource Center.

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