Saturday, August 7th (at 4:20 pm, you guessed it), it's the "Legalize Idaho" meet & greet for those who are serious about changing Idaho's marijuana laws to rally together.

Such a controversial subject with many differing points of view... Marijuana. Should it be legalized recreationally in Idaho? Does it cause more harm than good? Or is it an opportunity for Idaho to scoop up tax dollars that are currently flooding into Oregon? Some believe it should be completely outlawed with no room for discussion, while others think just medicinal marijuana should be allowed. There are also those that would like to completely decriminalize marijuana and allow locally owned marijuana businesses to profit. Many states have already legalized recreational marijuana; Our neighbors in Oregon, Washington, Nevada, California and Colorado just to name a few.

The meet and greet coming to Boise August 7th is being held by the groups "Boise Hempfest", "Legalize Idaho" and others. It will be held at Idaho Pizza Company's S. Broadway location in Boise beginning at 4:20 pm. Not only is it a chance to meet and greet with others interested in changing Idaho's marijuana related laws, but it's a chance to sign the Idaho Medical Marijuana act.  The Facebook event invite also makes a note regarding Covid-19: "We request that you please stay home if you feel sick or have symptoms of COVID".

This is a family friendly event at a family friendly location, an opportunity to meet like-minded people and they're holding this event on the first Saturday of every month until further notice.

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