I'm a big fan of free food and Tuesday, you can get some awesome free food from Chic-fil-A for doing this....

being a cow...or um, how about looking just like one....

Chick-fil-A is giving away free food, Tuesday, July 11 at all of their Treasure Valley locations for their annual "Cow Appreciation Day."

Everyone dressed as a cow will get a free entrée, which includes chicken sandwiches, chicken nuggets and more. But remember you must be dressed like a cow or in some sort of  "cow attire," which can include a full costume or simply a cow-themed accessory like a handbag. Talk about easy-peasy…we live in the northwest and it’s rodeo season, so everyone has some sort of cow inspired hand bag right?

The promotion applies to breakfast, lunch and dinner, so it looks like I’ve got all my meals taken care of for the day.  Children in cow-inspired attire will be given a free kid's meal.

Chic-fil-A gave away nearly 1.6 million free entrées to cow-dressed customers last year.


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