Wednesday, November 11th we celebrate our Veterans, and here in the Treasure Valley, one local barber is offering free hair cuts to vets.

Treasure Valley Veterans should absolutely be celebrated on Veteran's Day and should absolutely get all the freebies, but let's start with hair cuts. According to our friends over at CBS 2 Boise, Craftsman Unlimited Haircuts will be holding an event on Veteran's Day where vets can come in and get free haircuts from 10 am to 3 pm at both their downtown Boise and Nampa locations.

Also according to CBS 2 Boise,

"In years past, we have had hundreds of veterans show up for the event so it has always had a great turnout," the owner, Cory Albertson, said.

There will be an "Honor Wall" that veterans can sign, as well as refreshments.

If you would like to donate freebies, giveaways, or do a raffle for the attending veteran’s please email

A pretty special day for the incredibly special people who have fought for this country who really should be celebrated, especially on the heels of the election and Americans having a chance to take part in their democracy. There will be other freebies for vets around town to look out for, but now, if you know a vet, let them know they can come on down and get a free haircut from the fine people over at Craftsman Unlimited Haircuts.

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