If you live in Idaho and particularly the Treasure Valley you already probably love where you live and with good reason. But it's always nice to know there is scientific numbers to back it up.  The top two happiest cities in Idaho are located right here and by the way, Boise isn't one of them.

However congratulations Kuna and welcome to the top 10 happiest Idaho cities. The other Treasure Valley cities to make the list were Star, Meridian and Eagle

Zippia who recently completed the study on the happiest Idaho cities based thier conclusions seven American Community Survey factors that contribute to overall happiness: education, employment rate, commute time, cost of living, family and marital status, home ownership, and city-wide poverty level. These factors were applied to Idaho cities with populations of 2,000 or more and ranked on a a scale of the “Happiness Index” to get the official list.

With this data in mind, here are the ten happiest cities in Idaho, ranked from least to most happy....congratulations to all the residents of these towns.