"100+ Rooms, vacant since March".

Someone's got a great sense of humor... I don't know if this is a Senior Prank or if Meridian High School's staff put this up for a good laugh but I was driving by on Pine yesterday and saw this sign and thought it was hilarious enough to swing through and grab a picture.

What a weird time, right? The class of 2020 is getting like a thousand virtual graduation ceremonies but they don't actually get to walk, prom was a total wash this year, kids were at school one day, gone the next, all this craziness and people still have a sense of humor, it's pretty great to see.

Meridian Middle School had put up a giant message a while back saying they missed their students, and I'm sure a ton of schools have done this. In fact, I got a post card in the mail that came to the wrong address that a teacher had sent to one of her students... It's nice to think these people are so kind and thinking of their kids when they can't be around them.

Meridian hs 2

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