Right now is a great time to be fishing in the state of Idaho. If you are thinking of a vacation this would be it plus Montana is so close lots of great fishing in both places.

I have heard of huge bass in reservoirs, pure cutties in rivers and huge fish on other stretches. recently I hit the two rivers up north, one near Wallace Idaho and one near CDA. Also the South Fork of the Boise River is always good and one other place I dare even say it's name has people pulling huge browns out ( both places can be busy too).

The Boise River in town is a very underrated fishery. Although battling with floaters is an issue otherwise there are a lot of good size fish that if done right you can land. There is a lot of debris in the Boise and there is even more reports of debris after floating season opened.

Of course heading to the Henry's Fork is always amazing from what I hear and know. I am not sure how the Payette River fishes but tried the stretch in McCall and it was not very productive.

The Bitterroot in Montana is hot right now, the West Fork, Blackfoot, and Rock Creek, I have had first hand reports of good fishing.



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