Are you prepared for flooding...there is a better chance for us being affected by the Boise river overflowing this year than in past years. The Bureau of Reclamation releases even more water today and the Boise River will rise to 1850cfs above flood stage....Here's what you need to do to be prepared:



The Bureau of Reclamation and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have just announced that they will increase flows from Lucky Peak Dam beginning today due to above-



normal winter precipitation  and warmer temperatures causing increased snow melt.

Flows through the City of Boise will increase from the current flow of 8500cubic-feet-per-second (cfs) to 8,750cfs on Friday, (4/21)

A rate of 7,000 cfs is considered flood-stage level at the Glenwood Bridge gauge on the Boise River. At about 8,750 cfs, even larger sections of the Boise Greenbelt adjacent to the river will be submerged, and erosion of river banks may become even more of a problem. The Bureau of Reclamation has not ruled out increasing the flow even more as needed to possibly the highest lever ever recorded since Lucky Peak was built.

Boise River reservoirs are at approximately 65 percent of capacity with only about 300,000 acre feet of space left for all the spring run off....unfortunately  there is over 2 million acre feet of water still left in the mountains, so you can see the problem here.

If we receive a week of upper 80 degree weather or a bunch of rain falling in the mountains the Bureau of Reclamation will have no choice but to release more water...possibly even enough to cause more flooding than we've ever seen here in the Boise and Eagle area.

Keep checking here at for continuing updates as we find out more.

For real-time Boise River flows at Reclamation facilities in the Pacific Northwest Region visit,

If you live along the Boise River, how can you and your family be prepared for possible emergency flooding?

First of all here is one of the most important things you can do right now, especially if you live in an area that could be a flood risk…register for the CodeRED emergency notification system to receive notification of impending floods or high water…register by CLICKING HERE.

Here, from Ada County is a 'Pre Evacuation Checklist' to help prepare you and your family in case of flooding.

Here are some highlights from the Ada County Checklist:

  • Create a notification and communications plan with family members
  • Ensure every family member has a 72-hour kit that includes special medications or dietary needs, personal items, and infant needs if necessary
  • Make transportation arrangements and make sure you have a full tank of gas in all vehicles used to evacuate.

For additional information including where to get sandbags and how to properly use them around your property, plus current flooding conditions visit the Ada County website.

And above all...Stay Away From the River...keep in mind that if you should have to be rescued, by the fire or police departments you will receive a bill for that rescue.




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