Let's face it, we live in a different time. A time where kids have no idea what life was like before Google and Siri, or actually socializing in person! GASP!

Here's a list of a few situations that our kids will never get to experience.

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    VHS Tapes

    I miss a lot about the "old times", but VHS tapes are the least of those. Do you remember how frustrating it was when you finally sat down to watch your movie, only to find that the last person who watched it hadn't taken the time to rewind? Or, even worse, when someone would tape OVER your favorite show or movie!

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    Going to Blockbuster Video

    One of my favorite memories from childhood is making the trip over to Blockbuster Video on Friday night to get a movie to go with our pizza and popcorn. But, you had to hurry or you would show up to find there were no more copies of the new flick you intended to rent.

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    Taping song from the radio

    Listening to the radio and waiting for my favorite song to come on just so I could rush to hit record on my cassette recorder, was the highlight of my Friday nights far longer than I care to admit.

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    Cracker Jack Toys

    Cracker Jack toys are a thing of the past. I remember when they stopped putting in the actual toys and starting the paper prizes with jokes and riddles. Now, they are including digital codes that you scan with a smartphone for an online experience.

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    Calling for movie showtimes

    Please tell me that you remember having to call in to hear the movie showtimes. There was no Google or Fandango. You listened to a man read off the entire listing of movies and showtimes and if you missed it, you had to call back and start over.

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